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Screen Height When Working From Home

I have been seeing an increase in the number of people with headaches, neck and back problems as a result of working from home. Many people are using laptops at home these days and often, our work setup at home is not as posture friendly as our work setup in our company offices. Lots of us are setting up our laptops on the dining room table and working all day. If we pay attention to a few small things, this can reduce our discomfort and make working from more fun.

Lifting the top of your laptop screen to about eye level can help. This will decrease the amount you hunch forward and reduce neck strain. It is as simple as using a few thick books or a firm cardboard box under your laptop. This will raise the level of your laptop keyboard and touchpad though, making them harder to use. So if you have a mouse and a seperate keyboard, this will make things easier.

The three key things to remember are:

1. Have the top of your screen at about eye level 2. Use a mouse 3. Use a keyboard


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